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GPS track of typical Ant Hill flight (side, top)

Paragliding is flying with a controllable air-filled wing. Wings are typically made of tent-like polyester and are composed of many cells. The wing is controlled by weight-shifting in your harness and by brake lines running to the trailing edge of the wing. Bakersfield has a couple great nearby paragliding spots. Ant Hill (sometimes known as Hang-glider Hill) is east of Hart Park, just a few miles out of town. With 350ft profile the hill is not large, but 10-12 mph from the NNW produces some lovely flights. Especially considering its an easy after work destination.

GPS track of typical Comanche Peak sled run

Also near town is Comanche Peak, southeast of Arvin, CA. Launch at 2800ft is about 700ft over LZ, and sled rides are common with thermals out over the flat spots. Caution must be paid to a barbed-wire fences near the LZ and alongside the road.

Me flying at Sand City near Monterey, CA

Great sites within a few hours include Dunlap, Santa Barbara (Elings Park and Coal Oil Pt), Marshall, Sand City, and Torrey Pines.


Ozone Buzz Z4

ML ENB wing. Nice performance, for the rating. Shaped leading edge and plenty of control authority


Ozone Oxygen2

Harness. Eventually would like to get a less bulky one, but like the padding for now.


Ozone Angel

Reserve chute. Never used, thankfully!


GoFly Project v4

Great variometer for soaring and paragliding. Bluetooth model connects to MySkyHy for instant uploading to LEONARDO!


Wills Wing Charly Insider

Fantastic full-face helmet. Lightweight with great airflow

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